Handmade ‘n Hot supports local communities, non-profit organizations, working to remove barriers that restrict specially-abled persons’ full and rewarding participation in society.

About Handmade ‘n Hot

Handmade ‘n Hot aims to create a more inclusive, accessible, and sustainable world.
Handmade ‘n Hot sells delicately handcrafted products that are created by specially-abled persons. These individuals are legally eligible to perform light work, supported by professional educators and counselors. 
To learn more about the Handmade ‘n Hot story, read about the artisans who create our handcrafted products, and about our local and global partners.

About Suhal Lanpir,
Leader of the Handmade ‘n Hot Team

My name is Suhal Lanpir. I worked as a CPA in the private sector for more than 20 years. Today, I lead Handmade ‘n Hot.
I am a strong believer in profit with purpose, to enable sustainable growth and greater impact, and to create a more inclusive, accessible, and sustainable world for everyone. These are our core values at Handmade ‘n Hot, and the values I live by each day.