Our artisans dedicate their time and skills to making one-of-a-kind, handcrafted items for you.

Our Artisans

At Handmade ‘n Hot, the artisans of our handcrafted products are specially-abled persons. These individuals dedicate their time and skills to making one-of-a-kind, handcrafted items for you. These artisans are legally eligible to perform light work, with the support of educators and counselors.
Read the stories of some of our artisans to learn more about the individuals who make our handcrafted items. These are the stories of just a few of the many specially-abled artisans who create handcrafted items. To support these artisans, consider making a purchase of their handcrafted products today.


I’ve been coming to Threadbender Textiles for two and a half years. I love coming to the studio, making new friends, and helping others. I’m called the “Potholder Queen”!


I love Threadbender Textiles because instructors are forthright in teaching the process of making textile arts. They are just really down-to-earth, good people. It gives me a sense of wholesome peace being here.


Coming to Threadbender Textiles helps me not to be isolated and gives me the opportunity to spend more time with others. It has helped me discover a new skill that I am good at and thoroughly enjoy.


At the age of 2, Batuhan was diagnosed with autism. He went to more than 100 schools and rehabilitation centers to receive support, which ultimately proved very effective for him. Along with the support of his mother, he was able to make friends and even get used to social life. At the age of 7, he began speaking. Although he was turned away by several schools, Batuhan proved to be smart and hardworking, and is described as a “good-hearted” individual at UYDD. He can now express himself and go to school alone. The “Hello to Life” project coordinated by UYDD was a turning point for him to be able to develop social skills and begin to thrive. Every product he makes, and sells is a gift of purpose for him.


Erdi, 27, was born with health issues that caused him to spend long periods of time in the hospital and undergo extensive physical therapy. He was able to attend school but continued to have difficulties during that time. After starting the “Hello to Life” project coordinated by UYDD, he was able to become much more social and confident, helping everyone around him – both at home and in his neighborhood. He feels socially included into the society now.


From birth, Arif suffered from seizures. As he grew older, he also presented with many behavioral challenges. After coming to the “Hello to Life” project coordinated by UYDD, his self-confidence began to develop, and his behavioral issues reduced. His mother shared that his independence has greatly increased, and she is able to trust him on his own now.