Handmade ‘n Hot is proud to be the official partner of several non-profit organizations that are improving the lives of people who are socially and economically disadvantaged. Those organizations are specialized in educating artisans, and supporting them.

About Threadbender Textiles

Threadbender Textiles is a 501 (c) (3) Non-Profit Tax Exempt Public Benefit Corporation.

Threadbender Textiles exist to enrich the lives of adults with diverse abilities by fostering community and purpose through the creation of textile arts.

Weavers of diverse abilities have the opportunity to learn practical textile skills that are useful at home, as a hobby, for gift giving, and earn supplemental income through selling high quality products to our customers.

At Threadbender Textiles, the students are supplied with the tools, materials, and instruction needed to learn a variety of textile techniques. This leads to an awareness of personal achievement, life enrichment, and the confidence necessary to engage the broader community.

For more information: www.threadbendertextiles.org

About UYDD

UYDD, or the International Live Aid Organization (in English), is a charitable organization and supports persons with special needs and educates them with the help of professional educators and counselors.
These specially-abled people are able to find their life purpose in creating handcrafted products and selling them. UYDD’s mission allows this population to feel included in society, both socially and economically.
By partnering with UYDD, Handmade ‘n Hot is able to expand the reach of this organization’s mission by bringing the sale of these handcrafted products to the United States.
For more information: www.uydd.org.tr
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hayata.merhaba/

About Bamboo Tantra

Our goal at Bamboo Tantra is to promote the use of bamboo products, support the growth of economically disadvantaged bamboo artisans and encourage the movement towards natural and climate-friendly materials. Bamboo is the most sustainable material. It has ability to regrow very fast so it plays important role in carbon footprint.

Monica Spooner
Founder and Board Member
Threadbender Textiles

Emine Kocak (right)
Burcu Haznedar (left)
Special Projects Manager